The Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on
Discrete Mathematics and Applications

03-06.12.1987, Blagoevgrad
Edited by K.Chimev and Sl.Shtrakov


1. K.N. Chimev "Dependence of the Functions on Sets of Their Variables"
2. Sl.Shtrakov "Inseparable Sets and Their S - Subsets of Variables"
3. I.D.Giudjenov "Some Properties of "Almost All" Functions From Pk"
4. I.Mirchev " Algorithm for Checking of the Dependence of Variables"
5. I.A.Giudjenov, B.P. Urukov " On the Sixth Way Dependence on Functions by Their Variables"
6. M.A.Tassev " On the Theory of The Electro-Weak Interactions in Strong External Fields"
7. V.N. Rodionov, M.A.Tassev "On the Boson Radiative Effects in External Electromagnetic Fields"
8. K.Samardgiev "On Some Properties of Group in Linear Transformations in the Algebra of Functions"
9. K.Denecke "On Partial Primal Algebras"