2nd International Conference on
Discrete Mathematics and Applications

05.06-10.06  1990, Blagoevgrad
Edited by K.Chimev and Sl.Shtrakov


1. K.N. Chimev " Strongly Essential Variables and Separable Sets of Arguments for Functions "
2. G.P. Gavrilov "Preserving of Some Noninterative Properties When Identifying Variables of Boolean Functions"
3. G.P. Gavrilov, I.A. Muzichuk "
On Critical Edge-Colouring of Graphs "
4. I.Strazdins " Group Invariance in the Algebra of Logic "
5. J.Hion "On (0,1)- Matrices with Given Lower Bonds of Sums of Columns and with Prescribed type of rows"
6. K.Denecke " On Congrumences of Partial Clones "
7. V.I. Maligin " The Space of Output Functions of Finite Automata Connected with Variety of Groups"
8. B.V. Kudriavcev " On Behaviour of Automata in Labyrints"
9. Sl.Shtrakov " Separability and Dominance of Sets of Variables for Functions"
10. K.N.Chimev, I.Mirchev " On Identifing of Variables for Functions "
11. K.Tarkalanov "Preserving of the Properties of Invariant Decode Automata and Successive Connecting"
12. K.Manev " A Parallel Algorithm for Finding of Dual Matroids"
13. P.I Petrov,A.I Atanasov " On a Problem for Maximal Way Evaluation"
14. St.Kapralov "Non-Embeddable 2 - (10,7,14) design"